Basics of Roofing

A roofing contractor is needed in order to repair any roof leak whether it’s to patch part of the roof for a temporary fix or to remove the old set of shingles and replace them with new ones. Patching a roof is always a temporary fix to a problem when it comes to leaking roofs. Water can do a lot of damage to the interior of a house when it gets in through the roof.

A complete roof repair is always the best option to fix a problem like a leaking roof because you don’t know the damage that the water has caused to the different layers of a roof. When completing a roof repair your roofing contractor will start by measuring the pitch and size of your roof to determine the amount of shingles that will be needed. Once the shingles have arrived at the job site along with other materials needed like tar paper and drip edge.

The contractor will begin taking off all of the shingles that are currently on the roof by stripping them. Sometimes this is easy with only one layer of shingles or more difficult with two layers. Once all the shingles are off the roof your contractor will inspect the roof to look for any unsafe rooted sections of wood damaged by the water leak.

These sections of roof will be replaced before the contractor will move on the the next part. Once it’s determined that the job can progress, the drip edge will be added to the trim of the house wrapping all around the edges and going up to the peak. Next, they will lay down a layer asphalt about three feet wide to the edges of the roof used. This will add an extra layer of protection at the base of the roof to protect from leaks. Once that is applied a layer of tar paper will be put on the roof going all the way up to the peak starting from the bottom making sure to overlap about 2 – 3 inches so no gaps will be present to allow water to seep in.

Once that is all complete your contractor will start shingling the roof starting at the bottom and going up to the peak. He will make sure to put what is called a starter strip at the beginning to give the shingles something to adhere to. They will then make what is call a “book” out of shingles. This is a set a shingles that are cut to make sure the seams of the shingles are off set. This is another way that leaks are prevented. Once all the shingles are on the roof and up to the peak, the contractor will then add a layer of shingles, called “cap”, that are cut in a triangle to bring together the two sides to the roof and to seal the peak of the roof from water.

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