Creating a Backyard Oasis

Are you tired of the way your backyard looks? If you want to give your backyard some purpose once again, it is time to consider creating a unique backyard with a new deck, flowers, and d├ęcor. With a little creativity and imagination you can easily create a picturesque getaway in your own back yard that will quickly become the envy of any local garden club. Use these tips to save money, generate ideas and re-purpose everyday items to create truly unique yard.


Add a new deck with Archadeck. From poolside pleasures that feature outdoor showers to fire pits and outdoor dining areas, you can create a truly unique and inspiring backyard thanks to Archadeck. Having a place where you can entertain guests and enjoy spending time outside is a great way to finally utilize the space of your backyard.


Thinking outside of the typical terra cotta flower pot is a great way to create true conversation pieces for your garden. For example, if you have a galvanized feeding bucket lying around, turn it into a flower pot that can be placed and moved around the yard. Be sure to drill a few holes in the bottom for water to escape and have a piece that will create style and ambiance to the space.

Some other ideas for unique containers to place in your garden include:

  • Metal oil cans (be sure to clean them out prior to planting flowers in them)
  • Enamel wear dishes that can be purchased at any flea market or rummage sale


However, there are other pieces you can use in your garden as well, such as vintage sewing cabinets that no longer hold the sewing machine. The space that is left is perfect for a container type garden. Also, there any old metal or wicker chairs you have can be turned into planters. As the plant grows the vines and flowers can twine around the backs of the chairs giving it a special eye-appeal.

A popular idea for a unique container garden is to use a vintage soda crate. These can typically be found at flea markets and antique stores and the divided sections are perfect for individual plants and seedlings. Keep in mind a little paint can also go a long way for container gardens.

Your patio and garden is a great place to create a unique area that expresses your personality. You can take old tiles and create a special patio with a variety of colors and a unique look that is yours. There is no limit to the items you can use to create custom decorations and additions to your garden. It helps to work with a skilled contractor if you are planning a major renovation project like adding or removing a deck.

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