Finding the Right Contactor

For those families who are considering new construction or an extensive remodel, selecting the right contractor is a critical part of the process. Contractor screening should be taken very seriously, and homeowners should be patient when doing so. Careful selection will result in a project that runs smoothly and an end result that will make the family happy.

Depending on the scope of a project, selecting a contractor with the right amount of experience and resources is essential. Choosing a builder based on price or emotional ties will rarely work in the end. A contractor should have completed work that is comparable to any proposals, and should have the equipment, employees, and sub-contractors available to get the job done.

An important part of contractor screening is to thoroughly check references. This is no time to be shy. Previous clients should be interviewed, and past projects should inspected whenever possible. A former client should have no issues when sharing their experiences with your prospective builder.

A contractor with design experience, or with an in-house design staff is preferable. Contractors who are able to translate your ideas onto a working set of plans will generally deliver an exceptional product. Builders who are simply following plans offered by a third party may lose important details in the translation. If it becomes necessary to hire an architect, it’s critical that excellent communication with the contractor is a priority during the life of the project. Miscommunication can result in costly delays and design elements that simply fall flat.

For those contractors who are able to offer design services, a knowledge of the latest computer modeling software is extremely helpful. Offering homeowners a virtual tour through their proposed project allows them an opportunity to make changes before the actual construction process begins. This will ultimately translate into a significant savings in both time and money.

Communication throughout the project is crucial. Whether it’s new construction or a remodel, homeowners that aren’t able to communicate with their contractor are rarely satisfied with the end result. By scheduling regular progress meetings, any necessary changes can be made before they pose a problem. Without regular communication, homeowners may find themselves with a new home, or remodel, that simply hasn’t satisfied their original design ideas.

When handled in the right manner, contractor screening is not a difficult process. When homeowners are thorough and patient, the result is a contractor that will deliver exactly what’s expected. This is not necessarily a time to be hiring friends and relatives. New home construction and renovation represent a significant investment, and the contractor involved should have a proven track record.

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