Making The Outside As Pretty As The Inside

A great way to make your outdoor living area as pretty as the indoors, is to purchase quality outdoor furniture.
Just as you would decorate a living room, start by selecting the fundamental pieces. Select durable and comfortable furniture that works with your lifestyle. Add your individual style, and tie the room together, with rugs, lighting, and focal points.

La-Z-Boy outdoor furniture balances both fashion and durability. Their deep seating and ample cushions provide the same comfort you expect from quality indoor furniture. Additionally, the quick drying and UV resistant cushions, allow for trouble-free maintenance. Simply rinse cushions and frames with a water hose, and allow to air dry.

Decorate with the same style and care you would your home. Many decorator pieces are perfectly suitable to display outdoors. Ceramic, glass, and metal accent pieces work fantastic outdoors. If rust is an issue, a quality spray paint will rust proof items, and allow you to color coordinate your decor.

You don’t have to settle for green turf anymore, pull your outdoor space together with a beautiful all-weather rug. Colorful outdoor rugs are low maintenance, fade resistant and come in thousands of colors and styles.

A La-Z-Boy dining set, with a beautiful ceramic top, adds just the right flair to outdoor dining. Each grouping is perfect for conversation, dining or prepping a meal. Consider adding the convenience of either an umbrella or lighting built into the tabletop.

Vibrant dinnerware always adds a fun element to an outdoor meal. Whether you chose glass or plastic, there are amazing choices in whimsical summer dinnerware and glassware. Outdoor storage cubes are great for stowing away your dinnerware, and provide ample space to store throw blankets, towels, and sunscreen.

Lighting adds security and ambiance to any living area, and can be just as dazzling when employed outdoors. Overhead, hard-wired lighting is beautiful, but may require installation by an electrician. Candles and battery-operated lights are easy to use, and provide the ability to spotlight features in your outdoor space.

Extend your summer days into the cool summer nights with a cozy fire. The Fire Pit Chat Set by La-Z-Boy includes four swivel rockers, so everyone can enjoy an evening watching the flicker and glow of a warming fire.

Surround your outdoor space with aromatic foliage. Jasmine, gardenias, and rosemary all have wonderful fragrances, and readily grow in containers. When choosing planters, select features that will complement your furniture. To add depth and interest, plant several varieties of plants in one container; use various heights, colors, and textures for an interesting focal point.

Making the outside as pretty as the inside is within your capabilities, simply start with the fundamentals and let inspiration do the rest.

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