Organize Your Closet

Do you have a closet that has everything in it except organization? You can organize your closet with a few simple tips. After you are done, you won’t recognize the same area because you will be able to determine where your clothing, shoes and other items finally are.

First, you need to go through your closet and get rid of anything you don’t wear or want. These items can be put in a shopping bag or large trash bag and taken to a thrift store. You can also donate unwanted items to someone who can use them at a church, community center or school. If items have holes in them or stains, then it is probably best to go ahead and throw them away or use them as old rags for dusting furniture. After you have cleaned everything out of the closet, remove the things you do use so that you can proceed to the next step of organization.

There might be times when you simply throw something in the closet at the end of the day without caring where it lands. These items can include paper clips, notes from work, hair clips and other items that are in pockets. Get a few baskets to keep in or near the closet so that you can keep these items in them. You can get baskets to match the colors of your room, or you can get plastic storage bins that are small and have lids on them.

Closet Solutions
Before putting anything back in your closet, you should try to find some kind of storage solution at a store like Classy Closets Salt Lake City. You can also use shelves at various levels in the closet. A shoe rack is also a good idea. Place the shoe rack away from the clothes so that you can easily match your clothes first and then pick a pair of shoes. Group like items together such as belts, ties, shirts and pants. If you are married or share your closet with another person, then keep each other’s belongings separate. Keep everything you wear most often in the front of your closet and the items you don’t wear as much or that are a little dressier in a separate area.

Your closet is a place where you can keep everything away from those who visit your home. However, you need to have some organization or it can get cluttered very quickly. With a few boxes, some shelves and racks, you can get your closet on the way to perfection in no time.

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