Promoting Your Yard Sale

There are many ways to promote your yard sale, from using old fashioned yard signs to high tech computers. Promoting can determine how much traffic you get which will affect your total sales. Start advertising approximately two weeks before your sale date to get plenty of exposure.

Local Newspapers

Taking out a classified ad in a local newspaper can cost a few bucks but should give you a big return. This is a way to reach a big audience with very little investment. Make sure you include the date, time, and correct address of your yard sale. A simple error could cost you many customers.


A lot of radio stations have a call in classified sales day. This is a free way or reaching a large group of people. Promoting your yard sale on the radio can bring customers in from a large area. This could mean huge profits by calling in an ad.

Bulletin Boards

Use bulletin boards at local grocery stores, laundry mats, department stores, and anywhere else you come across one. This is another form of free advertising that can bring you many sales you might miss out on. A thumbtack and post card is all you need here.

Social Sites

Social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and others are a great way to promote your yard sale. By providing a list of your items on the site, you might even make a few online sales. This is a way to bring in top dollar for your items.

Online Classifieds

There are many different places online that have classified ads. One of the better known ones is Craigslist. This gives you the option to advertise in your local area. A lot of radio and newspapers offer free classified ads online. This is another way to use radio and newspapers without paying anything.

Word of Mouth

Tell everyone you know about your yard sale. Ask them to tell their friends and as the word goes out, you will see the power of one of the oldest advertising methods. You just might run out of things to sell before you even get started.

Yard Signs

Using yard signs are a great way to get attention. Become creative and paint them wild colors with huge lettering. Make many and post them everywhere. Making yard signs are part of the fun of having a yard sale. These signs will attract customers that did not see any of your other advertising. Organize and price the items you are selling. This makes for happy customers. Now you are ready for your sale.

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