The Dangers of Cockroaches

Cockroaches can mean the kiss of death for some restaurants and homes—literally! Not only can they make these properties be shut down or nearly impossible to resell, but they also carry lots of bacteria and illness with them. Alterra Pest Control, a leading company in America, has some startling information about cockroaches for you.

Cockroaches often carry and expose humans and pets to nearly 30 different bacteria. This includes salmonella and e-coli. They’re attracted to sugary substances and will fit into many places allowing them to get into jars and other containers you believe to be sealed in your pantry.
These disgusting pests are very hard to get rid of without professional help. They will literally hide from the light and breed very quickly and often. If you see one or two, you can be almost certain there are hundreds, if not thousands, infesting your home or building.
Get these disease ridden pests under control and call a professional!

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