What is Better, Individual AC Units or Central Air?

It is important to ask the question of what is better, an individual AC unit or central air. This will inevitably have some subsequent questions in order to find the final solution. In many cases there is no right or wrong answer, it just really depends upon the needs of the family.

First, a person should assess the area that needs to be cooled. If it is a large area, an individual unit may not be able to handle the capacity placed upon it. It will definitely cool the area, but it may not be to the desired temperatures. A large home may require more than one unit. In that case it might be advantageous to use a central air system. They are built to withstand a greater capacity than an individual unit. In the opposite case where a home is relatively small, an individual ac unit may be sufficient. Many people really like having an individual unit and are happy with the results.

Second, a person should see if they already have a ventilation system that would work with a central air unit. Many times a central air unit is combined with the furnace in using the air ducts. That will save a lot of money when it comes to installation of a central air system. Adding in a ventilation system can be quite costly and may not be for every type of home.

Next, a person should consider the long term desires for their living conditions. If a person might want to relocate in a short time, an individual unit will be just fine for their temporary needs. If a person plans on being in the residence for many years, it may be advantageous to get the central air conditioning. Many of these units have regulatory systems that help decrease the monthly utility bills. It may be a greater initial cost than an individual unit, but over the long run, it is much more cost effective to get central air. Installation of a central air system also takes longer than installation of an individual unit. This may matter to some people, but others may not care either way. As long a person gets the results they want, it doesn’t matter if it takes a little bit longer.

Contacting an air conditioning service Oklahoma City, will give an individual the best idea on what is better for his or her needs. They can assess the home and give an expert opinion on the matter. They can help educate the person and ultimately the person can decide. Having clear expectations on a project from the beginning can give a lot of peace of mind as well as a comfortable home!

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