What to Do When Your Home is Flooded

When your home is flooded it is very important that you take action quickly to limit the amount of damage. Water can quickly work its way behind the walls of your home where it can quickly turn into dangerous black mold if not addressed in a timely manner. Here are some important things you must do in the event that your home becomes flooded.

The first thing you must do is call your insurance company. They will need to send out a claims adjuster immediately to determine what is salvageable in the home. The next call you make should be to the Water Damage Salt Lake City professionals so they can be on site the minute the insurance agent arrives. They will need to coordinate with each other to get the home cleaned as fast as possible. The quicker the adjuster decides what is able to be saved and what is destroyed the better. They will coordinate with the Water Damage Salt Lake City specialists so they can begin removed items that are going to be replaced and begin cleaning items that can be saved.

The water damage company will then work quickly to begin removing any water still in the home, while starting the drying process on everything else. The carpeting, walls, and furniture needs to be dried quickly to ensure no bacteria begins growing. When the moisture from the flood water and the heat of the homes interior combine, it becomes the perfect breeding ground for black mold. The cleaning crew will make every effort to dry those items quickly before doing anything else. Walls are the most important area they will address because once water gets behind the walls, it will be near impossible to control bacteria growth. The high powered driers will circulate air in those areas to dry them out quickly.

Once all the walls, furniture, and carpeting are completely dry, then the crew will begin the cleaning process. The water could have come in contact with raw sewage, and for that reason the entire home needs to be disinfected and scrubbed clean. They will begin by cleaning the carpeting and the padding to remove all the contaminants trapped deep down in the carpet fibers. Once the carpet is clean they will work on all the furniture that remains. First the cleaning crew will scrub the upholstery and then use the high power vacuums to get all that debris up and out of the home quickly.

Once all the items in the home are dried and scrubbed clean, it will be safe for you and your family to move back into the house. The cleaning crew will leave the home as clean as it was before the flooding occurred.

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